Sports Performance Center


The AIA Sports Complex offers the Sports Performance Center, featuring a state-of-the-art indoor weight training gym, an indoor turf field, and a complete athletic training room staffed by professional athletic trainers and coaches to provide athletes with comprehensive and top-notch facilities for their training and development needs.




The SPC offers a fully equipped indoor gym with multiple weight racks, TRX, free weights, weighted balls, and cutting-edge sports equipment, providing athletes with a comprehensive and state-of-the-art facility for their training needs.



The SPC provides an indoor turf field equipped with sleds, hurdles, jump boxes, and other state-of-the-art training equipment, offering athletes a versatile space for on-field training and conditioning.



The SPC includes a full athletic training room, ensuring comprehensive sports healthcare support for athletes with professional trainers and necessary medical resources.



The SPC provides a full team of highly experienced professional trainers and coaches, bringing expertise from the highest levels of Division 1 sports, including leadership roles in training for Super Bowl-winning teams.



The SPC offers training for individuals of all ages and athletic abilities, with a full staff capable of tailoring training classes to meet the specific needs of each individual.



The SPC offers training for full teams with tailored training sessions designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of each sport.

Skyy Simmons, PES
Director of Speed & Performance

A proud graduate from Syracuse University, Skyy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems Technology Management and a Master’s degree in Sports Administration. However, his understanding of sports extends far beyond the academic realm, having experienced the thrill and discipline of being a professional football athlete himself.

This unique blend of theoretical expertise and practical exposure has shaped his successful career as a Certified Coach. Over the years, he has trained a wide array of athletes, from ambitious high school players to seasoned professionals. Skyy coaching approach is comprehensive, specializing in speed training, skill development, mobilization, strength training, and velocity-based training. Their goal has always been to help athletes unlock their full potential, utilizing both their knowledge and firsthand experience.

Hailing from the vibrant city of New York, his passion extends beyond sports to a deeply rooted faith in Christ. This spiritual foundation guides him in his daily life and has been a steady source of inspiration and strength.

As Skyy continues to guide athletes on their journeys, he remains committed to providing top-tier training and support, with an aim to enhance physical abilities, while also nurturing mental resilience and dedication. In both sports and life, Skyy believes in empowering individuals to reach their highest potential.

Lauren Jones
Director, Performance Operations

Lauren Jones has a Masters in Exercise Science and is a Hall of Fame (NCAA D1 + HS) sprinter. Our programming is infused with the same fundamentals and techniques that drove Lauren’s incredible performance as an athlete. 

Jeff Friday, CSCS
Director, Human Performance

Jeff Friday is a Super Bowl Champion Head S&C Coach (Ravens) and has worked with elite athletes in the NFL for 21 years. Jeff has a unique ability to bring out the highest potential in the athletes he guides and coaches. 

Melanie Lamar, ATC
Assistant Athletic Trainer

Melanie Lamar is a certified athletic trainer (ATC) serving as an Asst. Athletic Trainer with Athletes in Action. She studied athletic training at the University of New Hampshire where she also competed as a thrower on the track and field team. As she serves the athletes here with Athletes in Action, Melanie’s goal is to care for the whole person (Total Athlete), physically and spiritually, while helping athletes to stay healthy and compete at the max level.

Alaina Brown, ATC
Athletic Trainer

Alaina Brown is the assistant Athletic Trainer (AT) with Athletes in Action and the full-time AT with the Prep Academy men’s basketball team and the men’s Soccer Academy team. Alaina completed her undergraduate education at the University of Jamestown in Jamestown, ND where she competed on the volleyball team for 4 years. Within those 4 years, the team achieved 3 conference championships and 2 NAIA National Tournament appearances. She also completed an Athletic Training internship before graduating.